Terry-Ann Taylor-Beckford

Written by Terry-Ann Taylor-Beckford &
Illustrated by Keliah D.Smith

About The Book

Mommy, What Makes Me Special? is a heartwarming children’s book crafted by the talented author and mother, Terry-Ann. This delightful story is specifically designed to inspire and uplift young girls, celebrating their unique qualities and talents. Follow along as a charming young girl curiously asks her loving mother what makes her special. With warmth and love, her mother joyfully highlights her daughter’s individuality, embracing her beautiful appearance, remarkable abilities, and vibrant personality.

Discover a world where your little one’s self-esteem blossoms and her self-confidence soars. As a mother, you’ll relish the opportunity to share this empowering message with your precious daughter, teaching her to embrace her physical features and unique talents and nurture her authentic self. This book is a perfect companion for mothers and young daughters, offering reassurance and inspiration as they navigate the journey of self-discovery. It will help them build a strong foundation of self-love and acceptance, fostering resilience and a positive mindset.

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About The Author

Terry-Ann Taylor-Beckford is a remarkable woman who wears many hats in her fulfilling life. She is a devoted wife, a passionate teacher, an inspiring coach, a savvy investor, a successful business owner, and a talented author. Hailing proudly from Jamaica, she is the loving mother of three incredible daughters.

Terry-Ann’s lifelong dedication revolves around educating and empowering young minds. She wholeheartedly believes in the transformative power of education and has made it her mission to advocate for its importance. With a bachelor’s degree in English from Hunter College in New York City and a master’s degree in education from Mercy College, she is well-equipped to make a positive impact.

Beyond her teaching career, Terry-Ann’s influence extends to various spheres. She has proven herself as a beacon of hope and inspiration, motivating others to strive for excellence. As an author, she captivates young readers with her wonderful children’s books, leaving a lasting impression on their hearts and minds.

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As a parent, it’s natural to want your daughter to grow up feeling confident and secure in herself. Building self-esteem is crucial for your daughter’s mental health and well-being, and it’s something that you can help to foster from a young age. Here are some tips for boosting your daughter’s self-esteem

Self-love is an essential practice for our well-being and happiness. We feel more confident, fulfilled, and happier when we love ourselves. However, practicing self-love can be challenging, especially when we have children. Kids often look up to their parents as role models, and our actions can significantly influence their behavior and mindset. Therefore, practicing self-love in front of our children is essential to encourage them to develop healthy self-esteem and confidence.

What The Readers Think

Tiana T

“This book is an absolute gem! Terry-Ann’s words beautifully capture the essence of self-acceptance and celebrating uniqueness. My daughter adores this story. Highly recommended!”

Winta M

“As a mother of a young black girl, I cannot express how grateful I am for this book. It has boosted her self-esteem and taught her to embrace her beautiful features. Thank you, Terry-Ann, for creating such an empowering book!”

Jada S

“I stumbled upon ‘Mommy, What Makes Me Special?’ and it instantly became a favorite in our household. My daughter loves seeing herself represented in the illustrations, sparking meaningful conversations about self-worth. It’s a must-have for every child’s bookshelf!”

Andre G

“Terry-Ann’s book is a treasure trove of positivity and self-love. It’s an uplifting and empowering read. My daughter feels seen and appreciated when we read this book together. I highly recommend it to all parents.”

Imani H

“I purchased ‘Mommy, What Makes Me Special?’ for my niece’s birthday, and it was an instant hit! The book is beautifully written, and Terry-Ann’s words encourage children to embrace their individuality.”

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